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As a founding father of candopaperbagco, an exquisite team and that I have ready with nice enthusiasm, I take this section to introduce myself and make a case for during a few lines the explanation why I’m here with you.

I love fashion and everything it entails, and that’s why I made a decision to form this journal, to point out what I like, grow and learn as a blogger.

images Raul Gomez Profile picture
images Raul Gomez Profile picture

Closely joined to the $64000 estate world when the race, fashion and touristry, didn’t stop prowling around my head. Certainly, these 3 pillars, Fashion, Tourism, and Investment were a part of my life, till sooner or later, these 1st 2, knocked on my door. it’s here that I completed that I couldn’t solely build my dreams come back true however to share with you one thing that I call: lifestyle.

In this area, there’ll be journeys, trends, gastronomy, plans and touch the art! wherever fashion and you, you may be the protagonists.

I think the phrase “student of everything, teacher of nothing” will apply to my approach of feeling and thinking. I’m an associate degree impulsive, restless and dreamy person. I prefer animals, nature, mountains, sun, risk and sweets.

This journal isn’t created to point out my new acquisitions, however, combos that serve you to inspire you. I hope you fancy my journal and hopefully inspire you as a result of this journal was created to present you some concepts. So, please purchase my journal and my social networks. Don’t hesitate to send American state some emails regarding concepts that we will share along during this journal.